Incentives to Learn Languages

Over the last few years, many people have asked me what the best way to learn a language is. Personally, I am a firm believer in using multimedia such as songs and movies as an incentive to keep learning; while learning different verb forms and grammatical points is certainly important, it's incredibly dull. Only focusing on the mechanical aspects of language learning rather than the reason why someone has chosen to learn the language in the first place can be incredibly off-putting and dampen the enthusiasm of new language learners. 

I started learning French and Spanish because I was fascinated with French and Latin American cultures and wanted to be able to feel more engaged with them. As I live in Australia, though, actually going to the countries that I am interested in can be a lengthy and costly process, so I keep my enthusiasm for the cultures up by listening to songs, watching movies, reading books and newspapers from around the world. When I had to revise verb tables during the first few years of learning, the promise of all the audiovisual ways of connecting with the cultures helped me to carry on and keep studying! At first I especially liked watching French and Spanish movies with English subtitles, because it helped me to hear how the language should be spoken but wasn't too difficult to understand.

The songs below probably aren't the best way of learning French and Spanish, but anyone who has learnt some of the languages should be able to identify with them pretty accurately!